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Project Tides

Tides is a two-way chat platform between NGOs and their impact community that is built using WhatsApp API. The platform allows NGOs to chat with each of their beneficiaries and help them to uplift their lives. NGOs can work in various sectors such as healthcare, education, women empowerment, and more… so for education, an NGO can chat with a beneficiary to help them with the admission process, share study material or learn other ways they can intervene.

About the prototype

This prototype repository covers the various technologies, connect the dots and test a working model of the platform. A most basic use case of the application is used to build the prototype. It follows like this:

  1. A beneficiary will be able to message an NGO user via WhatsApp.
  2. The message will be visible on the platform.
  3. It will get labeled with relevant keywords.
  4. A basic response will be suggested too.
  5. The NPO user will use the suggestion from the system to form a response and then send it to the beneficiary.

CI License

Table of Contents


We’re working hard to bring you a clean & concise guideline for installation. Please check back later.


We appreciate feedback and contribution to this repo! Before you get started, please see the following:

Support + Feedback

Include information on how to get support. Consider adding:

  • Use Issues for code-level support
  • Join Project Tides Discord Server for more usage, questions, specific cases with the community.
  • Email us at for more support and feedbacks.


This project is covered under The GNU General Public License v3.0.